Want to get unstuck in your career, relieve toxic work stress, or build unshakable confidence?


If you're struggling with any of these issues...

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Stuck at a crossroads in your career and unable to decide what you feel called or qualified to do next...

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Plagued by toxic work stress and overwhelm, and worried that you might be on the path to burnout...

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Stumbling over your words in interviews, struggling to answer questions, or appearing nervous...

...1:1 coaching may be just what you need to overcome what's holding you back.


Here's what I offer my clients, depending on their needs:

The Crossroads Compass:  This is my deep-dive process for those stuck between multiple options and struck down by confusion whenever they try to move forward. Through my one-of-a-kind framework, we'll unearth your gifts and clarify the ideal internal experience and external environment you’re best suited for. This is an individualized process that goes deeper than most career assessments, which typically only focus on skills and values.

The Stress Relief Reboot: Work stress is a significant problem for many of us, particularly as our jobs have invaded our homes over the past two years. We'll not only pinpoint the cause of your overwhelm and develop a plan of action to relieve pressure - I'll also teach you simple but powerful ways to access immediate relief and work with your mind and body to increase stress resilience. 

The Interview Confidence Cure: Nervousness can be overwhelming and block you from putting your best foot forward. In our sessions, you'll learn how to discuss your unique value, develop an arsenal of answers to even the trickiest of questions, and learn practical tactics to manage stress before and during interviews so you can stay clear and grounded. 

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Hi, I'm Lauren.

As a Certified Career Management Coach, I blend my background in behavioral health and human services with International Coaching Federation-accredited training to create space for my clients to gently reframe insurmountable obstacles into approachable challenges and take action toward their highest good.

My philosophy is simple: we are our own best guides. However, there are many voices influencing us – most often those of our loved ones, our mentors, and our culture. These voices are often so loud that it can be tough to tune into our own intuitive wisdom about what’s right for us in our careers. I believe the role of the coach is to create a container that allows us to listen to ourselves.

I’ve worn many hats from community health social worker to nonprofit communications pro to executive resume writer which makes me not only a credentialed career coach, but also one who’s practiced what I preach. I know firsthand the struggle and victory of personal rediscovery and reinvention. The programs I build and the tools I teach are not just industry-leading best practices – they’re grounded in my own experience.

How does this work?

1. Book a discovery call. This is a learning call to determine whether I can meet your needs and provide support you’re seeking. This is simply a learning call - there is no pressure to purchase any services.

2. Schedule your sessions. Packages start with three sessions, or you can book a half-day retreat. Saturday retreats are available! Both of these options will give us enough time to develop a relationship, for you to progress through exercises, and for us to create an action plan for you to follow going forward.

Two Ways to Work with Me

Space your sessions out or jumpstart your journey with a half-day retreat.

Session Package Deal



  • 3 60-minute virtual sessions during business hours
  • Structured exercises + resources
  • Session notes + custom homework

Virtual VIP Half-Day Retreat



  • One 3.5-hour day, with breaks, devoted to you! Saturdays are available.
  • Email access for one week after the retreat
  • One 30-minute follow up call within 30 days
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