What if you could avoid the struggle of writing your own resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile without paying hundreds of dollars for a professional resume writer?

With The Standout Resume + Profile Builder, you can!

There's no need to waste dozens of hours on your own, and there's no need to hire an expensive resume writing service! For a bargain price, you'll get:

 Easy-to-use templates, worksheets and simple instructions to create a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that look like they were created by a professional. You could do it all in one weekend.

 An entire kit of job search hacks, including a guide to tap into the "hidden job market" and templates to use when networking, all of which will help you land more interviews and shorten your job search - these are industry secrets that you won't find for free on Google.

Yes! I want to save time and land more interviews.

Do any of these sound familiar?

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You've already sunk dozens of hours into creating your own resume, but you're not getting called in for many interviews.

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You’re confused by the information you find online about keywords and ATS systems, and you're not sure who to listen to or what to do.

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You've reached out to resume writing services for help, but the good ones are just too expensive! Or worse, you hired one and they did a bad job.

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You want to upgrade your LinkedIn profile, because you know that's where all the recruiters are, but you have no idea where to start.

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You've heard that you should be networking to land a job, but you’re not sure what exactly that means, who to reach out to, or what to say to them.

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You’re trying to apply to as many jobs online as possible, but it’s so time-consuming that you haven’t been able to keep up.

What if you could relieve all that pressure without breaking the bank to hire an expensive resume writing service?



Stop the DIY time drain! With this short course, you'll create a beautiful resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile in just several hours and save time by streamlining your job search. 

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☑️ All the templates, worksheets and instructions you need to create a resume and LinkedIn profile that look like they were created by a professional, in just a few hours each. You could do it all in one weekend!

☑️ bonus job search module including all the industry tips and tricks for accessing the hidden job market, networking, and saving time when searching online. This information alone is worth more than the cost of the course!


Right now, you're struggling to create your own documents and navigate the ever-changing job market.

It’s burning up hours upon hours of your time, you’re not seeing results, and you’re tired.

You don’t have time for this – you have a life to live!

Imagine if you could easily tell your career story through beautiful documents that promote your value (and I promise – EVERYONE has value, it’s just a question of knowing what to ask yourself and how to phrase it).

Imagine having a clear plan for your job search and knowing how to network with confidence.

Imagine landing four interviews in one week and accepting a job offer with a 42% salary bump. Or getting a dream job at one of your first-choice companies within 60 days. Those are real results that my private clients have achieved from working with me!

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and get real results without dropping a ton of cash, this is your chance!

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And just who am I to guide you?

I’m Lauren Charbonneau, Award-Nominated Resume Writer and Job Search Expert. Since 2018, I’ve partnered 1:1 with hundreds of clients to pave the way for new opportunities. Three things set me apart:


I’m one of only nine professionals worldwide to hold the advanced-level resume and LinkedIn writing designation as a Certified Career Storyteller. I’m also a Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert and a Certified Career Management Coach. I offer job search guidance grounded in modern, industry-leading best practices.


I’ve not only written resumes for all career levels and nearly every industry, but I’ve also handled almost every job search challenge imaginable – from complex career changes to long-term unemployment to unconventional backgrounds.

Verified Success

While I’m proud to have been nominated for Best Classic Executive Resume in 2021’s Toast of the Resume Industry Awards, I’m most proud of the results my clients have experienced! Here’s what some of them have to say:

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Update—had interview #1 for [company name redacted] today. I’m one of only 5 candidates. Thank you for helping me get through ATS! Also, while I was in that interview, an email came in for an interview on Thursday for that membership association. So 4 total interviews this week at 3 different places. Insane but exciting!

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I landed a first-choice job at one of my target companies within 60 days of working with Lauren.

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I had a very credible recruiter reach out to me about a great new opportunity, and I’m interviewing with the company tomorrow. He said he has looked at THOUSANDS of LinkedIn profiles and that mine nailed it. He was so impressed. Just wanted to pass it along- he’s been in the business as a recruiter and career coach for thirty years. Amazing feedback!

Here's a detailed walkthrough of the course:

Module 1 – Build Your Resume & Cover Letter ($175 Value)

In 4 short lessons, you'll get:

  • 2 worksheets - one with the same 22 deep-dive career history and personal branding questions I ask my private clients, and the other with 20+ additional questions to help identify your unique accomplishments
  • A tutorial on finding the specific keywords your resume needs 
  • 2 beautifully designed, plug-and-play Microsoft Word templates (one for your resume, one for the cover letter) 
  • My exact process for tailoring your resume with keywords for each application in less than 15 minutes 

Module 2 – Build Your LinkedIn Profile ($150 Value)

In 4 short lessons, you'll get:

  • A worksheet and template with no-fail formulas for your headline and summary sections, plus prompts that will help you come up with story angles that aren’t on your resume 
  • Expert SEO secrets to help you rank higher in recruiter searches
  • The lowdown on LinkedIn Premium vs Free, whether it’s worth it, and why
  • An easy-to-use tool to elevate your profile's aesthetic with text formatting
  • 2 Canva templates and a video tutorial to quickly create a beautiful banner image 

 Bonus Module – Build Your Network & Streamline Your Job Search ($260 Value)

My private clients pay hundreds of dollars for this information, and I’ve included it here for you free!

In 4 short lessons, you'll get:

  • 3 Google Sheets to track your job applications, networking contacts and target companies
  • An 8-page guide with all the basics on the hidden job market, strategies for doing internet research to create your list of target companies, and how to form relationships with influencers and decision-makers at those companies 
  • A video tutorial that goes deep into detail about how to use LinkedIn’s search filters to find decision-makers at your target companies and expand your network
  • Digital job search hacks that will shave countless hours off your search, including Boolean searching, a tool for finding more job titles to apply for, and the only three job boards you need
  • Templates for each phase of the networking process – take these and rephrase them to suit your situation when introducing yourself on LinkedIn and deepening the relationship
  • A formula for creating your “elevator pitch,” otherwise known as an answer to “tell me about yourself” (your networking contacts will ask you about yourself, and you need to be ready!)
  • The exact questions I tell my clients to ask when doing informational interviews. You’ll get two sets of questions for two different types of informational interviews 
  • Exact instructions for how often to reach out to new contacts, and when to stop if someone isn’t responding to you! No need to burn up time or energy wondering if you’re being too pushy or not reaching out enough – this guide keeps things structured so that you can spend your time and energy on other things 

Total Value: $585

Normal Price: $97

Today's Price: $37


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

✓ Experienced professionals with years - or even decades - of work to talk about! The worksheets and templates will help you streamline your story and stay organized. 

✓ Career changers. This program will help you understand your job target and craft your resume to speak to the right audience. 

✓ New college graduates or an entry-level professionals. This program will help you upgrade your resume to command attention.

How does this work?

1. Purchase The Standout Resume & Profile Builder via the checkout page. You can add access to the Weekly Live Call & Online Access to Lauren at the time of checkout if you choose to do so.

2. Receive an email to log into the platform where the course is stored.

3. Log in and access the course materials right away!

Ready to DIY?

Total Course Value: $585

Regular Price: $97

Today's Price: $37

The Standout Resume + Profile Builder

$37 One-Time Payment

You'll get instant, lifetime access to

  • Easy-to-use templates, worksheets and simple instructions to create a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that look like they were created by a professional. You could do it all in one weekend!
  • An entire kit of job search hacks, including a guide to tap into the "hidden job market" and templates to use when networking, which will save you time and frustration


 Quickly and easily creating a beautiful resume and LinkedIn profile that put your unique value front and center.

 Knowing exactly what to do in your job search to give you the best chance of landing as many interviews as possible.

 Building a network that can help you land a job faster.

 Getting similar results to my private clients (hello, multiple interviews and offers at higher salaries) for a fraction of the price!

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